This new compact form shares the same design philosophy as the rest of the FDR D-EVO II range. Its small size is particularly well suited for orthopaedic and neonatal examinations.

  • FDR D-EVO II C24 the newest addition to the D-EVO II lineup, incorporating the latest FUJIFILM technology.
  • This new compact form shares the same design philosophy as the rest of the FDR D-EVO II range. Its small size is particularly well suited for orthopaedic and neonatal examinations.
  • The introduction of D-EVO II C24 marks the completion of the D-EVO II series line-up


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Compact and light weight - A perfect fit for orthopaedic and neonatal exams

  • Small size - perfect for small patients and anatomy such as extremities, shoulders, c-spines and more. At just 24x30cm the D-EVOII C24 is a perfect fit for the NICU and can be placed in neonatal isolette trays without modification
  • Ultra-light weight – at Approx. 1.5kg including battery, this new panel is 20% lighter than D-EVO plus C24i.

Extra sleep mode

  • Battery run time can be extended up to 48 hours with extra sleep mode.

A. “Evolved Function”

  •  Shell design
    • The rounded form of the panel edge allows for easier insertion to patient beds and is designed to make it easier to pick-up the detector, even when placed flat. NOTE: The panel profile of the C24 is not identical to the other panels in the D-EVO II series


  • Docking Stand
    • Docking Stand (DS) is used not only for panel storage but for charging. Approx. 4 hours is required for a full charge, less than half the time of Cradle for D-EVO (10 hours).
    • Easy registration and panel sharing are possible by simply inserting D-EVO II into the Docking Stand.
    • Detector selection and status can be confirmed in the X-ray room by LED indicators on the Docking Stand.
    • A single Docking Stand can be used interchangeably for all sizes of D-EVO II detector.


  •  LED indicators
    • LED’s at each side of the panel display the detector status. Where several detectors are used in one X-ray room, each panel can be easily identified by the color of the

    • LED indicators on the detector are linked to those on the Docking Stand.
    • The LED flashes Red when a shock to the panel is detected.
    • Battery status is displayed at the back of detector.



  •  Wider range of frequency band for wireless communication
    • D-EVO II C24 supports various ranges of frequency for wireless communication (2.4GHz, W52, W53 and W56).

B. “Evolved Protection

  • Waterproof
    • D-EVO II C24 conforms to IPX6 waterproof testing (protected against heavy seas).


  • Anti-bacterial coating
    • With FUJIFILM’s unique ‘Hydro Ag’ technology, there is a reduction of 99.99% of bacteria on the surface of detector in one hour. It is not clinically shown that infections in patients are reduced as a result of Hydro Ag, but anti bacterial protection is a clear differentiator from competitor models.


  • SRM frame (Shell-shape Rib-reinforced Magnesium alloy)
    • The SRM frame of D-EVO II allows for an improved withstand load compared with D-EVO (Point load: 160kg, Surface load: 310kg).

C. “Evolved Mobility

  • Memory exposure mode
    • The inbuilt panel memory can store up to 200 images. Stored images can be downloaded to a Console in X-ray department without the need to take a Console to the patient room.
  • Wireless Access Point developed by FUJIFILM (Small AP)
    • The Utility box is no longer needed with FDR Go flex and this Small AP provides improved mobility with D-EVO II for mobile solutions.

D. “Evolved Quality

  • Superior image quality with Noise-reduction circuit inside the detector
    • FUJIFILM’s unique noise-reduction circuit increases the sensitivity in low dose areas such as cardiac/mediastinum part.
    • As well as D-EVO, D-EVO II has ISS technology which provides higher DQE and MTF.









Model name:Flat Panel Detector (DR-ID 1213SE) for FDR D-EVO II System (DR-ID1200)
Type:Cassette size detector with ISS (Irradiation Side Sampling system)
Scintillator:Csl (Cesium iodide)
Detector external size:328 x 268 x 15 mm (Approx.)
Weight:    Approx. 1.5 kg [3.3lbs.] (including battery)
Pixel pitch:0.15 mm
Pixels:    1920 x 1536 pixels
Wireless standard:IEEE 802.11 n
(2.4GHz, W52/W53/W56/W58)
Image preview:Less than 2 sec
Cycle time:Less than 9 sec
Battery recharging time:Approx. 3 hours (with battery charger)
Approx. 4 hours (with Docking Stand)
Battery performance:Standby: Approx. 4 hours
Sleep mod: Approx. 8 hours
Extra sleep mode: Approx.48 hours